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BiscayneAmericas Advisers (“BA”) is an SEC regulated institutional investment advisor headquartered in Miami Florida since 1999 that has traditionally managed client centric investment models.

BA’s track record can be attributed to an experienced team of investment professionals serving as managers of BA’s sponsored products. It all starts with a team that listens and is truly committed to the success of each portfolio. BA’s strategies are designed to serve institutions as well as qualified investors globally.

The BA team consists of individuals that have direct contact and understanding of global markets for many decades, adds know-how of technical, quantitative, fundamental, social and geo-political realities of the regions and sectors, companies and countries where the portfolios are ultimately invested.

Deep research and a rigorous process driven methodology enable BA an edge in seeking returns and controlling volatility within the different strategies under management.

Philosophy & Process

  1. Investment Philosophy
    BA's goal is to achieve consistent positive rates of return combined with reduced downside risk.
    BA's judgment is grounded on the thorough understanding of fundamentals, market dynamics and technical analysis
  2. Summarized Investment Process
    The BA investment process has been developed to safeguard sound risk management practices. The firm takes into account factors that affect global investment flows by further filtering those components and evaluating their effect on asset prices within Global Markets. On the fixed income side, the investment process applies a fundamental approach to review the credit-worthiness and value of issuers, factoring-in their liquidity and solvency while balancing non-quantitative social and political factors that can affect asset values. When looking for value in other asset classes such as equities the team utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to select and exploit inefficiencies.
    BA embraces an all-inclusive relationship with clients and welcomes regular reviews while continually facilitating the necessary information to reassess risk and investment criteria.

Products & Services

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s)
Private Equity Funds
Price #2
Exchange Traded Products
Strategic Asset Allocation

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